The line between fair healthcare services provision and clinical negligence

Doctor with PatientCurrently, the patients who have to seek medical help, are way more likely to face medical negligence and inattention, not to mention the attitude of the medical staff. Of course, this in no way contributes to productive treatment, and sometimes even harms the healing process, leading to deterioration of health of the patient (if not physically, then psychologically) or causing complications. And, if in relation to the lack of tact and ethical sensibilities is somehow possible to understand and justify surgery or intensive care, in other physicians such behavior is unacceptable. It oftentimes leads to the fact that in their reception rooms, outpatient clinics or hospitals ‘settles’ the ‘phenomenon of revolving doors’ – even those patients who are cured (not to mention the not cured), after some time again come to the same complaints. Naturally, unrelieved cause of the disease in conjunction with medications treatment (not psychotherapy) consequences that may lead to the fact that sooner or later the disease recurs or becomes aggravated, and the patient returns again. And it can last for years. Read more

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