The legal aspect of clinical negligence in the modern world

medical contractNowadays, a growing number of countries starts adopting the practice of entering into the doctor-patient medical contracts, providing specific measures to be applied in the case of harm to the patient or failure to fulfil the contract terms. Many developed economies (Germany, Austria, UK, etc.) have included various medical codes in their national legislations that govern the relationship between doctors, patients and their relatives, professional relationships of physicians with the administration and the public authorities. According to a series of polls conducted by legal services aggregators in the UK, medical negligence solicitors admit the contracts are now used 24% more frequently in comparison with 2006. Read more

The concept of medical error from a healthcare market relations standpoint

medical errorOn the basis of generally accepted characteristics of a medical error in the provision of medical services objective and subjective reasons for their formation should be considered. Specialists need to understand that the objective causes of medical errors are provoked by a large group of external factors. As for the subjective reasons, they depend on many internal factors. Of course, in emergencies and accidents the probability of becoming a victim of medical errors is higher than in quiet time, with a thoughtful choice of treatment in a cozy office, having the results of all the necessary tests.

From the point of view of the external factors analysis there are the causes of medical error, it is, first of all, the work performed by the specialist under the influence of an error. This activity is expressed in the deviations from special acts and regulations (organisational and technical standards) that can cause or causes adverse effects to the patient. The risk of making a mistake is ghost following a doctor at all stages of care.

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